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Who We Are

In 2017, a group of young, dynamic and forward-thinking St. Maarteners came together with one objective in mind: to establish a political association that truly left ‘the norm’ behind. To map a true vision for St. Maarten and then realize that vision with action.

Party for Progress

The PFP’s initial focus will be to inform the wider population of St. Maarten about the electoral process, the political climate and the political landscape in which we exist. Nine years after 10-10-10, many people, in particular our most vulnerable groups, are unaware of how this country functions. We firmly believe that an informed voting population is a powerful and progressive voting population.

We do have political aspirations; it is our goal to contest the country’s Parliamentary elections, in compliance with the rules and requirements as stated in the Landsverorderning Registratie en Financien Politiek Partijen (in English – the National Ordinance of Registration & Finances of Political Parties). If elected, we will aim to work with, when it is in the best interest of the country, other political parties and entities having compatible aims and purpose, in order to work towards our further objectives, which are:

To improve and maintain the regional and international standing of St. Maarten across a variety of industries and sectors.
To uphold and respect the constitutional rights of each individual in the country.
To promote the socio-economic and psychological development and welfare of the entire population of St. Maarten according to social democratic principles and ideals.
To make St. Maarten ‘future proof’ from an educational, economical, infrastructural and technological perspective.
To promote social cohesion, logical thought, open mindedness and forward thinking throughout the general population.
To protect the country's legal and constitutional system.
To continuously raise the political awareness of the general population by means of workshops, seminars, conferences and other general publications, including digital publications.

Vision · Strategy · Action

Party for Progress


A vision, and the actions needed to realize it, must be guided. The Party for Progress holds at its core seven key tenets that will sustain and guide the Party throughout its existence and govern its conduct:

That the education of St. Maarten’s current and future workforce must be a priority for both the private and public sector, to ensure that the workforce is prepared for the jobs of the future, while maintaining the skill base of our primary industry.
That any and all legislation must create and contribute to a society that is equitable, just and secure for all individuals that reside on St. Maarten.
That St. Maarten’s position as a hub for foreign investment must be cultivated in such a way that it does not diminish opportunities and protections for all individuals that reside on the island.
That St. Maarten and St. Martin must cultivate, enhance and maintain a relationship that is based on mutual respect and understanding for one another’s laws and culture, with the understanding that our destiny is mutually assured and intertwined.
That the social, economic, cultural and general well-being of all individuals on St. Maarten must be promoted and protected through clear and enforced policies, guided by forward thinking and integral leadership.
That those most at-risk in our community, from all walks of life, are safeguarded by legislation and policies that protect them from discrimination and harm.
That St. Maarten must be made ‘future proof’ from infrastructural, intellectual, economical and technological perspectives and that this will require a collective effort on behalf of all people residing on the island.

We are in this together, St. Maarten.

Party for Progress

St. Maarten has the capability to be a major player in this region, but it will require committed and collaborative efforts by everyone who calls her home.

The Party for Progress prides itself on being inclusive and open to concepts and ideas that encourage real, sustainable growth that leaves a Stronger St. Maarten for future generations.

Melissa Gumbs